Our New Areas

With fewer tables in the pub, we have added more areas for you to choose from...

Garden Gazebos – our garden gazebos which seat up to 6 guests have removable sides and a canvas and rain cover roof so they are waterproof . There will be blankets in each gazebo and a heater but you may want to check the weather forecast on the day of your booking and dress accordingly. If you prefer please bring your own blanket or wrap. Owing to social distancing guidelines, we have fewer tables in the pub and therefore moving inside may not be an option.

Terrace – our gravelled terrace under the pergola will be available for guests wishing to visit us just for a drink the tables can accommodate upto 6, so please call to make a booking.

Dining Rooms – our 3 traditional dining rooms will have two or three tables in each room dependant upon on the size of the tables. They will have 2 metres spacing between them. Therefore, a table of upto 6 and a table of upto 4 could be booked in the same room by two separate groups who may or may not know each other. This booking will need to be made over the phone to ensure you are in the same room and the current government legislation is adhered to.

Bar – we have 2 booth tables that seat 2 guests each and 1 dining table that seats 4 therefore there will be a maximum of 8 guests seated in the bar, although it is a busier area with guests passing through. We have allowed extra space around the tables and our team and other guests will be passing at a minimum distance of 1 metre.

Barn – the quietest area of the pub with 4 tables, one of which seats 6 and is slightly seperate in the old billiards area. The whole Barn could be used for smaller private parties for 11-18 people. Each table would be set for a maximum of 6 and would be treated as an individual table/group. We would set the tables spaced around the room so you are socially distant but still sociable, each group of 6 must remain in their social 'bubble' through the meal and adhere to current government legislation.


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