Malbec Tasting - Cahors vs Argentina. A tasting of a range of Malbecs from two great families from two regions famous for producing Malbecs.

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Saturday 7 March

The Olive Branch Malbec Wine Masterclass with the effervescent Johnny Bingham of Jackson Nugent Vintners.

A lunch time tasting around the table in the Barn.

We will discover two great Malbec producing familes, Two exciting families with wines of great expression and contrast, showing the levels to which this grape can be taken!

The Lapania family have developed their four estates within Mendoza. One of the few families to own all their vineyards and elaborate the wines in their style – fresher and more elegant in character – but reflect the warmth, sunshine and dryness of this remarkable region of Argentina. Always balanced use of Oak and experiment in winemaking methods to reflect the fruit from their vineyards. Sustainable and in transition to Organic by 2021

The Vincens family are located high on the Plateau in the Cahors regions, over 300 metres above the River Lot. Wild land, woods, rocks and beautiful “hidden” vineyards, the three generations of this family, like the Lapanias, are great students of each tiny plot and treat each one accordingly, both in the Vineyard and then how they handle it in the winery.

Our host will be Johnny Bingham. Johnny is incredibly passionate about wine and in particular full rich red wines. After a lunch and tasting with Johnny you can't help but come away with a smile on your face and new understanding of this great grape variety. Johnny has promised to make this an unforgettable and eye-opening tasting!

At a glance...

Start: 12:30am

Tasting: 7 Malbec wines.

Eat: Light bites to match

Price: £55

Booking Essential: 01780 410 355

The Wines...

Don Cristobal

Ch. Vincens AOC Cahors

Don Cristobal Barrel Select

Ch. Vincens Vincens “Origine”

Don Cristobal Triana

Ch. Vincens

Ch. la Tuilerie du Puy


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