Our COVID-19 measures

We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with our team. We have been recognised by the “We’re Good To Go” scheme to signal that we follow the Government and industry COVID-19 guidelines and have a process in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing.

Before your arrival:
Should you have any COVID-19 symptoms please call us to rearrange your booking.

Your arrival at the pub:
- In order to avoid queuing outside we will be asking you to arrive at your allocated reservation time.
- Once you have parked in the car park please use the roadside entrance to the pub. We will be outside the door to greet you and show you to your table, if not we will arrive please be patient.
- We will ask you to sanitise your hands upon entering the building.
- You are required to wear facemasks whilst in the pub but can remove them when sat at the table.
- As much as we would love to, we will not be able to hug you, shake your hand or greet you in our usual way.
- Once you are at your table we would ask you not to move tables and chairs otherwise the statutory social distancing requirements will not be met.

Your meal:
- We are happy to say we can ensure two-metre distancing between tables in the pub.
- Garden gazebos have side curtains between them which will be closed, the other sides will be open to ensure good ventillation but can be closed if you prefer.
- We will be limiting our contact with you at the table although we will still be available to talk from a safe distance. Please don’t consider us to be rude, we will still be serving you with our usual smile.
- To minimise close contact tables will be prepared with one single use menu and cutlery that will be covered.
- Glassware and condiments will be brought as required.
- Everything will have been sanitised.
- Should you require to use the toilet during your visit, please observe social distancing guidelines, wait in the designated areas (in the corridor) or outside, if necessary.
- There will be plenty of hand-sanitising stations for our guests and for all our team.
- One of the team will be available throughout your meal to guide you through the new Olive Branch experience.

Your departure:
- Sorry but no more lockins and dancing on the tables until 1am. New legislation requires that we ask you to leave by 10pm. We will ensure everyone is served and has an enjoyable evening. There is a takeaway dessert menu if required.
- Dependent upon your dining area there will be specific exits available for you.
- Having taken your credit card details on booking, if you prefer we would be more than happy to process the payment contactless after your departure giving you time to review your bill.

Our Team:
- All the team will self-assess each day before coming to work
- Temperature checks wil be taken at work
- A stringent hand washing routine is in place and each team member has their own work place sanitisers and hand sanitiser.

Our ‘new special’ will take a little more time, but like ‘slow food’, we hope it will be comforting and make you feel safe and at home again.

We're Good to Go


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